Deciphering the Concept of Avant-Garde (In Art and Architecture)


  • Gökçeçiçek Savaşır


Avant-garde, Conceptualization, Etymology of Avant-garde, Taxonomy, Avant-garde in Architecture


This study is an attempt to draw a conceptual framework, constructed through the etymological elaboration of avant-garde. It is not only an attempt to unfold a map for understanding this concept in art and archi- tecture, but also to open out ‘a general space of knowledge’ on architectural avant-garde that can also open a space for different possible interpretations. Grounded on the existing knowledge derived from architectural theory, history and criticism, this study deciphers and conceptualizes avant-garde to accommodate novel perspectives in art and architecture. Based on deciphering and destructing a concept, the methodology in this study merely introduces archaeology of avant-garde as a word.


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