The Morphology of The Agrarian Town: Marisa Rural Urban Linkage That Change the Rural Life to The Urban Agriculture Life


  • Sugiono Soetomo
  • Irwan Wunarlan


Urban Rural Linkage, Agriculture, Morphology


Urban rural theory has been born with characters Mc Douglass and Terry Mc Gee, who are part of the new paradigm regional development for developing countries.(the New Paradigm of Regional Development, United Nation of Centre of Regional Development,2001).

However, many research activities are carried out in high urbanization areas. Even Terry Mc Gee saw urban villages in the context of a metropolitan city in his research in Jakarta (1991).

In our research, we want to look at a region that is far from urbanization, a small city on the island of North Sulawesi, one of the Republic of Indonesia's big islands, outside Java, where the national capital is located.

In a very rural area of a provincial town where cities cluster, the town of Marisa grew from a village center to eventually become the capital of a district, the city has corn, coconut and fish products which are an economic powerhouse (LQ di atas 1).

In the development of the city, the city's morphological structure, both the land use pattern and the distribution of buildings, can conserve agricultural areas. And here is the secret why Marisa remains a city that can continue to develop its agricultural potential as a basic economic factor for the city. The base economy exports these agricultural products to various big cities and even abroad. From the results of these exports, life develops with happy facilities. Trade and service activities grow, making Marisa a City and an agricultural city that maintains the city's sustainability.

Export activities are formed with the existence of national transportation facilities in roads and ports because Marisa city is a coastal city.

Two types of morphology keep agriculture conserved. The potential is very valuable so that the spatial model must be preserved in the city master plan and become a model for agricultural, urban spatial planning. As for the part of the city that offers separate urban development with both morphological typologies,

So an urban-rural linaculty of Ekage phenomenon occurs on a truly remote regional scale, so it does not occur like Java Island with metropolitan cities to small cities and continuous urban, rural areas.

This has become a model for developing areas outside Java with a small population area, during which President Joko Widodo was developing various infrastructure and investments in domestic and foreign areas outside Java, particularly in eastern Indonesia.


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