Interior Design of Mosques and Madrasas Belonging to Seljuk And Ottoman Civilizations in Konya


  • Şahika Özdemir
  • Serhat Aniktar
  • Ahmet Kurnaz


Konya, Interior Design, Seljuks, Mosques, Madrasas


The city of Konya, with its geographical location, its historical and cultural wealth, has always maintained its status as an important settlement. Also, Konya was the capital of the Seljuks, and important architectural works were created during this period. Konya became a magnificent city in terms of scientific, cultural, artistic and administrative aspects during the Seljuk period, and the settlement texture and silhouette of the city was shaped during this period. The problem of conservation arises in historical buildings that are trying to adapt to contemporary life depending on the needs of today. In particular, it is observed that the historical buildings that appear to be protected within the scope of the facade have lost valuable interior features due to the applications that lead to the loss of value in the context of the interior space. The aim of the study is to emphasize the importance of preserving and using the interior space as a result of the analyses carried out in the selected mosques and madrasas. In this study, interior analyses of mosques and madrasas belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations identified in Konya were documented with drawings and photographs. The door and window features, wall, ceiling and floor finish materials, adornment and ornaments used in the interior, stair type, mihrab and pulpit elements of the mosques and madrasas selected in the context of interior design were examined.


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