Spatial Distribution and Profile Analysis of The Syrian Immigrant Population Problem in Fatih District of İstanbul


  • Ömer Bilen
  • Mehmet Gür
  • Ersan Koç
  • Ebru Kamacı Karahan


Forced Migration, Syria, Refugees, Urban Security, İstanbul, Social Integration


The paper reflects on some the effects of the "Arab Spring" that started in Tunisia and in Syria has resulted in the death of approximately 300,000 people. A wave of immigration began in 2011 mainly from Syria to the neighbouring countries such as Turkey and Lebanon. The Syrian migrant movement has caused social, economic and environmental problems in host countries. Turkey is the country most affected by the wave of immigration from Syria. Syrian refugees were unevenly been dispersed and/or distributed to major and border cities in Turkey. The distribution of cities in Syrian refugees in Turkey showed significant spatial heterogenities and differences. Although the ratio of population migrants to Istanbul total population is not very high, it has been the city with the highest migration in numerical terms.

Fatih district in Istanbul is one of the districts with the highest number of Syrian immigrants. Within the scope of social risk mapping research for Fatih district, immigrants - especially Syrian immigrants - have been declared as the main problem by residents, who experience higher dismissal in terms of economic opportunities. In our analysis, it has been determined that the main reason behind the Syrian immigrants being mentioned as problems is “economic reasons”. The rate of declaring Syrians as a problem in the districts of Fatih district is directly proportional to the distribution of the Syrian immigrant population.Turkey has been relatively late in assisting the social and economic integration of Syrian immigrants. This should be urgently provided. In order to end forced immigration, necessary steps should be taken to ensure peace environment in Syria.


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Bilen, Ömer ., Gür, M. ., Koç, E. ., & Kamacı Karahan, E. . (2020). Spatial Distribution and Profile Analysis of The Syrian Immigrant Population Problem in Fatih District of İstanbul. ICONARCH International Congress of Architecture and Planning, (Iconarch -IV Proceeding Book), 677–678. Retrieved from



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